Supply Chain Management is all about supervising and managing of dynamic and complex supply chain activities such as designing,planning, executing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods. It includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Supply management integrated with various sub functions,each functions play vital role in organization growth, recent decades SCM is one of the vital playing role in globalization, Shared Services, outsourcing and enabling services.

Team well understands of the requirements, using research methodologies to identify target companies, utilize optimum time to spend timet o get right resources through job boards, reference, and Social media network

We do research and study about the requirements to find right resources at minimal time frame to execute the assignment.

Few of the recent assignment (Engineer - Director Level)

Direct and Indirect Procurement in IT,Manufacturing and Services, SCM Expertise, Logistics, Quotation Specialist,Commodity sourcing in Electronics, PCB, Automobile , Domain and implementation Consultant.

BPO/KPO - Banking, F&A, Insurance

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Engineering is well armed with numerousdepartments and engineers play the vital role in today’s world. We needengineers to provide solutions for all the commercial, social and technicalproblems. We do understand that find right resource is highly challenging.RELIX has offered with an expertise to identify the right candidates to supportyour business functions.

We are always engaged with offering the best fitresources to our clients. We are competence to find resource in Electronics,Mechanical, Automobiles and Electro Mechanical Engineering. We are equippedwith tremendous resume data with unique sourcing methodologies to find rightcandidates with minimal time frame required to execute the assignments

Few of the recent assignment (Engineer -Director Level)

Process Engineering,Production Engineering, Design Engineering, NPI & PDM Engineering,Component Engineer, PCB Engineering, CAD/CAM Engineering, Genesis/Gerber, Tooling,Quality Engineering, Business Excellence and Auditing, R&D Engineering

IT & IT Infrastructure

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Pharma and Chemical

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